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Mar 24, 2013 1:30am PDT
on campus. san jose state says godbye to an a revered professior who dedicated his life to helping students. update news starts now. hello and welcome to update news... i'm christian ceaser. and i'm melody gonzales... thanks for joining us. the university community gathered wednesday to celebrate the life of man who dedicated 53 years to san jose state university. tiffani tofani has the report. thanks christian.... spring break is next week, but if students aren't careful, it might not be the party they signed up for. ">>>(nat sound spring break footage) spring break is a time for partying, but some students tend to party too hard... according to time magazine last year, three million students drove while intoxicated, nearly two-thousand died from alcohol related deaths, and six-hundred were injured... sigma alpha epsilon fraternity hosted alcohol 101 about partying responsibly in an attempt to lower those statistics... (nat sound)t the event began with a mock party that had students acting out various situations that can happen at a real party... "we're trying to bring awareness to it and
Mar 10, 2013 1:30am PST
is changing...we will tell you how and the san jose state men's basketball team did not start last night's game we will tell you what happend. update news starts now... hello and welcome to update news... i'm ingrid almaraz. and i'm melody gnzales... thanks for joining us. we have a developing story regarding the san jose state men's basketball team. just before the start of thursday night's game against the university of texas at san antonio...the events center roof began leaking. rain drops splashed onto the basketball court. staff members attempted to cover up the leaks which were coming in from several spots. there was even an attempt to cover the roof. but school officials deemed the court too dangerous for game play. according to spartan athletics it will be up to the wac conference front office whether the game will be replayed. we'll have more about the basketball team coming up on sports later in this newscast. the african- american studies department is going to be experiencing some big changes next year. update news' reporter tiffani tofani says while the decades old program w
Mar 17, 2013 1:30am PDT
they made so you can't argue it." coach nessman's stint at san jose state men's basketball team ended after their early exit in the first round of the wac conference tournament. the spartan basketball team opened this season with a five and four record. but james kinney, sjsu basketball starting shooting guard was suspended for grades and the spartan's season took a dramatic turn for the worse going four and sixteen through the rest of their season. "part of me does just because i mean then after i stopped playing we lost 13 straight games so it's obvious why the team started struggling." after being named the head coach in 2005 nessman led the basketball team to a overall record of eighty-six and one-hundred and sixty-one in his eight seasons at the helm. nessman led the spartans to a winning record in the two-thousand ten, two thousand eleven season for the first time since the ninety-three, ninety-four season. coach nessman declined to an interview but released the following statement in regards to his time spent at san jose state. "i am proud of the tremendous dedication and effort our
Mar 3, 2013 1:30am PST
. an update news reporter took a plunge into the san jose state pool. you won't believe what she found at the bottom. hello and welcome to update news... im liz olveda. and i'm jessica melcher... thanks for joining us. black history month is over and it ended with a bit of a controversy on campus. an opinion piece in the spartan daily questioned whether the annual event is redundant. update news reporter victor guzman is live on campus with a recap of the uproar that followed. this is the article that upset many on this campus. and yesterday a large crowd gathered at the smith-carlos statues to express their feelings. ">>>--nat sound "black and i'm proud"-- the black thursday rally at the statues of tommy smith and john carlos had already been planned before the offending article was published some demonstrators held the article as they silently marched through the campus. and it was at the statues where they loudly voiced their objections. emerald green, african american student leader" "we all know we have a library, martin luther king library, right? it's been here since 2003. it's
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4